Cell Phone Cleaning Pads Imprinted with Your Logo or Design.

Promote your Business and Fight Smudges & Grime at the Same Time!

Works on Tablets and Laptops too.

Super Cleaning Stickers not only promote your business, but are a practical cleaning tool!

Speedily cleans LCD screens on a variety of digital devices-from Smartphones and iPhones to laptops, tablets, iPads and MP3 players. Your customers will all get in line for this quick and easy screen-clean.

The Super Cleaning Sticker makes quite a promotional impression-besides cleaning a digital device's screen, it's also customizable with your company information, logo and even a QR code if desired. The Super Cleaning Stickers are a fantastic advertising tool for nearly any business or organization- from sports teams, medical practices and banks to computer stores, real estate offices, corporate promotions and heart-of-the-community local run businesses. Embracing the digital world, these amazing microfiber cleaning pads are the perfect promotional product. In this convenience driven age in which we all conduct business and try to connect with our varied customer base by electronic gadgets, the Super Cleaning Sticker is perfect for getting your message across. Once your customer has their own Super Cleaning Sticker, they'll wonder how they ever did without it!

A Promotional Marketing Tool That Rocks What You Got!

The Super Cleaning Stickers are a promotional marketing product that presents your company brand in an exciting and contemporary fashion and seamlessly highlights your information. At the same time they provide a product that exercises a practical function that everyone needs who communicates by a mobile phone, laptop or digital device.

The Super Cleaning Stickers are raising a ruckus at trade shows and other promotional events and are quickly becoming a coveted product. Super Cleaning Stickers are fast becoming a tool that the digital world does not want to do without.

As soon as someone sees the Super Cleaning Sticker in action, they all want one. iPhones, MP3 players, laptops, Kindles, Nooks, tablets and iPads are all digital devices which the Super Cleaning Stickers are designed to screen clean. Once your customer has used Super Cleaning Sticker, they'll be hooked! The amazing attraction to the Super Cleaning Stickers only enhances it's promotional marketing value!

Because people are utilizing their time using digital products, the Super Cleaning Sticker is a direct link to the minds and buying power of your customers. In this digitally driven age, the Super Cleaning Sticker is perfect for getting your message across to your target audience!

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The Super Cleaning Stickers are promotional marketing tools that are both innovative and simple to use. Super Cleaning Stickers come in different shapes and sizes- some designed for specific digital devices-as in the case of an iPhone or Netbook or Laptop. Some even have a “stands it up” feature which allows your digital device to be propped up on table tops or dashboards (for Smart Phone GPS use).

Super Cleaning Stickers are comprised of a special microfiber material that easily wipes away fingerprints, dust and grime without scratching the surface.

With its gel-backing adhesive, the Super Cleaning Stickers can be easily removed from a digital device, used to clean the LCD screen and then quickly replaced, prepared to be used the next time needed. The gel-backing adhesive is designed for multiple uses before ever needing refreshed which is accomplished by wiping it with a damp cloth.

These high quality Super Cleaning Stickers are one of the most practical for daily use promotional products and thereby one of the most visible advertising marketing tools. The Super Cleaning Stickers are a promotional product that will be used by your customers and potential customers likely even on a daily basis.

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Your business stands out while keeping your brand where it does the most good-constantly in front of you customers! Super Cleaning Stickers do that!