Cell Phone Cleaning Pads Imprinted with Your Logo or Design.

Promote your Business and Fight Smudges & Grime at the Same Time!

Works on Tablets and Laptops too.

The Super Cleaning Sticker is one of the hottest selling new promotional products to hit the market in decades!

When choosing a promotional product to market your business you want a product that is going to be seen and used regularly and not end up at the bottom of a drawer. In this day and age where everyone is spending countless hours using their cell phones, tablets or laptops, the Super Cleaning Sticker will give you the highest return on your marketing dollars because it always goes where your customer goes, and is seen where your customer is seen.

Super Cleaning Stickers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and are fully customizable with your company's logo and information. They are made of a microfiber material that removes grime and smudges without ever scratching the surface. Designed with a gel-backed adhesive, as if by magic, they are able to be instantly removed, used and then replaced on the device, ready to be used again and again. Great for laptops, iPhones, Smart Phones, tablets, iPads, MP3 players or other devices with an LCD screen.

Used to clean tablets, laptops, Smart Phone screens and more-once the practical and convenient use is experienced, it becomes not only an indispensable tool for your customer and potential customers, but a conversation starter that will bring your business into focus with your imprinted logo and/or company information.

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Long Term Promotional Use

Super Cleaning Stickers are a promotional marketing tool of superior quality!

Made for multiple uses, the Super Cleaning Stickers are equipped with a gel-back adhesive that can be easily peeled from the surface of the device that is displaying your promotional marketing information, leaving no residue. It can then be replaced after use, ready for the next time. The gel-backing can be renewed when needed. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and then re-adhere to the iPhone, netbook, Nook, Kindle, Android or other smartphone.

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