Tablet Screen Cleaning Pads

The Microfiber Material Cleaning Pad

for Tablets, iPads, Phablets, Netbooks, & Laptops

Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker

Your Digital Tablet's LCD Screen is Wiped Clean

Mesmerize your promotional and marketing public with the Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker, the logo imprinted LCD screen cleaning tool that is gaining ground in the promotional marketing world.

The Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker gets the attention of customers and is an advertising product that is making friends with tablet users from coast to coast!

Super Tablet Cleaning Stickers are making an impact whenever they are used or adhered to a tablet, and at the same time stretching promotional advertising dollars.

Your company's promotional campaign will be invigorated with the Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker, printed with your logo and artwork, placing your company information on display with a printable area of 3.56 inches x 2.44 inches.

Your customers will gravitate to the Super Tablet Cleaning Stickers and their convenient screen cleaning action-seeing your brand and company information regularly.

People can't help but notice Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker when being used and when stuck on the device waiting for their next use.

With the Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker's accessibility for use-being directly attached to the tablet-and the fact that iPads, Tablets, Kindles and Nooks go everywhere, Super Tablet Cleaning Stickers are the perfect promotional marketing tool to get your company brand in front of everyone's eyes.

The Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker adheres to iPads, Tablets, Kindles or Nooks and at a moment's notice quickly removes dirty fingerprints and dust with a few simple wipes. Designed for powerful, long term promotional marketing use, the gel adhesive backed cleaner can be removed and put back on the tablet repeatedly.

The Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker accommodates most promotional marketing budgets as it is priced so economically.

The Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker is easy to use

You will find that removing fingerprints and dirt from your iPad, Tablets, Kindle or Nook screen is simple with a Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker. The printed side of the Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker thoroughly cleans the screen without doing any damage due to the soft microfiber material.

Place the Super tablet Cleaning Sticker face down on the LCD screen to be cleaned after peeling it from its resting spot on the device. Using your forefinger, apply light pressure with the Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker on the LCD screen's surface. With a few easy swipes remove grime and fingerprints as you wipe across the screen. Then put the Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker, gel-backing side down, back on the cleaned device until ready to clean the screen next time. Repeat as needed.

Made for durability, Super Tablet Cleaning Stickers are fantastic for the display of your logo and company information for a long time.

    Many Benefits of the Super Tablet Cleaning Sticker
  • Removes smudges, dirt and dust in seconds.
  • Prominently shows your promotional marketing information.
  • Does not harm the screen being cleaned.
  • Wash the screen cleaning pad if needed with soap & water.
  • Has a long-lasting gel-backed adhesive—refreshes with a damp cloth.
Please contact us if you would like a custom card size, or a full color front and back, thicker card stock, or other specialized orders.

Tablet Cleaning Pads
NOTE: Pricing above does not include setup fees or other additional charges.
Production Time is 10 working days.
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The Super Tablet Cleaning Stickers standard packaging includes being individually adhered to a 3 inch x 5 inch card backer, then enclosed in a fitted cellophane bag. You are welcome to have us customize your card backers for added marketing appeal using your own art or have us create the art for you.

(Front customization/Full Color - Back Customization/ Black)

Customized card backers pricing is as follows:

Card Backer Pricing (Custom Design)
 Price Each:$0.45$0.35$0.25$0.22$0.18
NOTE:Pricing above does not include setup or artwork design charges.
Custom Card Setup: $80 Run Charge for Back is an additional 5¢ each.
Design Service: $65 per side.